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Freedom - Transformation - Identity - Dreams - Destiny

Family Connection - Family Legacy

We don't just care about what you can do.  We care about who He made you to be! 

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“Our sessions with Donna created opportunity for individual growth and strengthened our marriage. Donna creates an inviting, safe environment, which encourages openness and trust. The multifaceted approach she uses--coaching, heart healing training, strategic planning, mentorship and prophetic insight --allowed us to look at ourselves, each other, and our family dynamic in a new light with deeper understanding. Her sessions were specific and strategically geared to the goals and desires we have for our marriage and family. What Donna is offering is such a gift--bringing freedom, transformation and wholeness to marriage and family!"

The Ross Family

Donna is a God sent.  I wasn't sure what to expect in the beginning but wow! The progress I experienced was truly amazing. She is always patient, kind, loving and very easy to talk to. I look forward to seeing her for my every visit.  


My family and I are so thankful for your gift. I once asked Holy Spirit what made Jesus Jesus, and believe the still small voice said “He had a healthy heart”. During my Heart-Sync session you gently listened and heard Holy Spirit and myself. You guided me into a genuine experience with Jesus the healer of hearts. Since then my wife and daughter have experienced healing and comfort through your gift. Our family is experiencing a different level of love and life. I am going to sign up for another session, looking forward to my next breakthrough! Thank you, Donna! So grateful.

The Gonzales Family

"Donna and Hannah were so wonderful to us. Their guidance has made each of us see just how important it is to know what each of us need to feel heard and understood. we really appreciated just how genuine they were to each of us. We felt so loved and cared for through our time together.

If you are willing to put in the time and do the work, this is a family game changer."

The Schaefer Family

My childhood experience with my family was messy and filled with too much drama. Working with the team helped me to get a perspective on it and how it looks like to invite God into the family dynamic. 

Robin Jackson

" I’ve been in a survival mode state with my family (multiple factors) making it hard for me to have the rich time of connection with Jesus as I once had, but this process took me right to the door and watered my dry weary heart EVERY TIME! Because this process seems so expedited I was able to get a lot of love, clarity and connection in a rather short time, which was amazing because I’ve had very little time in my schedule in this season to have intentional time with Jesus which has left me drained even more. So having this was like nurturing pit stops in a marathon that gave me what I needed to go on with more strength, purpose, and refueled with the love that is so needed around me. It has been a rich blessing to me and a secondary blessing to my family. " 

Jody Balian

Changing the world isn't easy, but following Wisdom's Way guides you down the path.